Fire Damage Restoration

Serious fire in residential as well as commercial properties results to large scale damage of properties and sometimes even deaths. Fire outbreaks can be really devastating. Apart from damages caused by the fire and smoke, a lot of water damage also occur due to the efforts of firefighters and the fire outbreak suppression systems.

As such, every minute spent restoring a commercial building to its pre-fire status costs the owner revenue returns. As for a residential home, a dream property is damaged from heat, smoke and water from the firefighting efforts. In such an event, fire damage restoration experts become very useful. If your property happens to experience damage from a fire outbreak, simply seek assistance from MJD Global Disaster Restoration to get Fire Damage Restoration services to quickly recoup your property from the damages.

What is Fire Damage Restoration?

This is the process that starts immediately after the relevant authorities report that the property did not suffer any serious structural damages and is safe. In such an occasion, a greater percentage of damage is caused by smoke and the fire suppression efforts rather than fire itself. And in some situations, the steps used in putting out the fire can result to more damage of property than the fire can cause. For that reason, a proper fire damage restoration mainly deals with damages caused by water, heat and smoke.

What cana homeowner do?

Every person always has the feeling of trying to do things on their own to recover from a disaster. However, you should note that in the case of fire damage, the things you can do on your own are minimal. But calling professionals is the most important thing you can do. 

When fire damage has occurred, you can do the following:

• First call the professionals- before getting busy, contact MJD Global Disaster Restoration.
• Ensure that your pets and kids are away from any charred and smoky environment. Smoke has carcinogenic fumes that can affect the health of animals and humans.
• Create an inventory of the contents of your home. Create a list of things to be replaced. Take some pictures of the items too as your insurance company or fire investigation authorities will need them

For water damage, flooding, water removal/extractions

PLEASE GIVE US A CALL 1-877-554-6655

What MJD Global Disaster Recovery will do?

Now, there are tasks that you should leave to professionals due to the harmful gases and other risks. This is where we come in. We have the equipment and expertise to get the restoration work done without posing anyone to risks.

Once you’ve contacted us:

• Do not try to wipe the walls, surfaces, furniture, wood trims or anything.
• Do not move or sit on upholstered furniture.
• Do not eat or drink any food products exposed to the fire.
• Do not use electrical devices such as appliances, TVs, stereos until our team deems them as safe for use.

MJD Global Damage Restoration team of personnel is highly trained, experienced and has the necessary equipment to handle all property damages caused by fire. We will respond very quickly to your call to alleviate the damages and restore your property to its pre-fire status. We have the right reagents and equipment to clean walls, countertops, ceiling boards, floors, windows, doors and many other parts of the property.

We have different technicians and personnel to handle different aspects of the fire damage:
• Fire restoration personnel.
• Odor control personnel
• Fabric and upholstery cleaning personnel
• Water damage restoration personnel

We have a 24/7 response team that can respond to fire damage emergencies regardless of the scope of damage. We provide our Fire Damage Restoration services in Palm Beach County, Date County and Broward County.

At MJD Global Damage Restoration, we believe that the first key step to rebuilding is restoration. Contact us on 1-877-554-6655 as the first step to rebuilding your property with our Fire Damage Restoration service.