Mold Remediation

Once molds start to invade your property, they can spread as bushfire in the shortest time possible, mostly in 48 hours. On taking root in any property, getting rid of them can be a very difficult task without the intervention of professionals. 

Apart from just causing damage and deteriorating your property, they also produce allergens among other irritants that can result to potential health risks. Therefore, the minute you suspect that your property is infested with molds, you should contact MJD Global Disaster Restoration immediately. We will assess and inspect your property for any molds after which we will use our expertise and equipment to remediate any molds found.

Facts about molds 
It’s possible that your property is already infested with molds but you are not aware. As such, it’s important to shed some light about molds that most people seem to get wrong thus the hesitance. 

The topic of mold remediation is surrounded by some misunderstanding. Some restoration experts even claim to eliminate all traces of molds, which is a mistaken belief. The truth is that mold spores are everywhere and occur naturally, both outdoors and indoors. The spores are microscopic and can enter a house through any openings.

Therefore in dealing with molds, it’s important to understand these facts:
•    Molds are present virtually everywhere, including indoors.
•    Mold spores can enter a building through the AC, windows, doors, clothes and pets since they float freely in the air.
•    The spores require moisture to thrive and can grow into a colony when exposed to a damp or wet area.
•    Before remediation starts, all sources of moisture and water must be looked into. Otherwise molds may just find their way back.
•    Higher indoor humidity may support growth of molds. Always maintain indoor humidity level lower than 45%. 

With these facts in mind, you will reduce chances of mold infestation in your property at all times. If you already have a mold infestation problem, please contact us.

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Why work with MJD Global Disaster Restoration

A minor mold problem in your home can spread so fast within 48 hours. By contacting us, we quickly arrive in your location ready to begin remediation process. Our fast response goes a long way to lessen spreading of molds, limiting further damage and reducing the cost of remediation. 

As specialists in mold remediation, we have advanced equipment, experience, expertise and training to enable us identify all mold harboring areas and alleviate mold infestation as quick and effective as possible. We work with a team of specialists to handle different aspects of the mold remediation process, including:

•    Microbial remediation specialists
•    Structural drying specialists
•    Water damage restoration specialists. 

Moreover, we employ advanced equipment and techniques in the remediation process. We have invested in the most contemporary remediation equipment and training to make it easier for our team to carry out effective and quick remediation. We also use pressure chambers and physical barriers to isolate areas infested with molds.
Our mold remediation process takes into account the fact that all scenarios of mold damage are different and need unique approaches and solutions. However, the general process remains the same.

The following is an illustration of our remediation process:

•    Inspection and assessment of mold damage
•    Containment of molds
•    Air filtration
•    Removal of materials infested with molds
•    Cleaning items and contents
•    Restoration

Our team has a 24/7 emergency response and are only a call away in Palm Beach County, Date County and Broward County. Contact us on 1-877-554-6655 and get your mold problem taken care of by MJD Global Disaster Restoration experts.