Smoke Damage

Once the firefighting team is through with their job, it may appear as if a greater part of the danger is gone and the home is secured from further damage. However, the truth is that without the help of professionals to carry out smoke damage restoration, the house will never retain its pre-fire status. 

Even though the principles lying behind the process of smoke restoration seem pretty obvious, intensive experience, equipment and manpower is needed to adequately perform restoration. In short, a homeowner shouldn’t try to carry it out by themselves. Smoke is a byproduct that stains and corrodes surfaces including countertops and walls. It also contains carcinogenic fumes that are deemed harmful to human health. Trying to clean the smoke by yourself from the walls after a fire incident therefore poses you at a greater health risk than you can ever know. This is why we at MJD Global Disaster Restoration have the Smoke Damage Restoration program specially formulated to assist you get back to norm. Why smoke damage restoration is important

Some people may reason out that instead of cleaning the smoke, why not apply a new paint on the walls and other surfaces. Actually, paint is only a cover but the actually problem lies beneath. Smoke and ash if not cleaned out adequately will result to extensive corrosion, discoloration and etching, without forgetting the unpleasant odors. 
Smoke and ash cause discoloration of most surfaces. Any item close to the fire will begin to change their color, including plastic items, appliance finishes among many other items. Metallic items may also be tarnished. After a few days, walls will be permanently discolored, along with clothing and upholstery. Any wooden parts may need refinishing or replacement as metallic parts start to corrode due to smoke contact. 

Failure to seek the intervention of professionals to carry out smoke damage restoration, the restoration costs will start increasing in a couple of weeks. Metallic items and parts may need replacement, carpets will discolor permanently, and window glasses may be etched severely. And since the level of basicity of ash is slightly high, the extent of damage it can cause is high as far as health is in concern.

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What MJD Global Disaster will do? 

At MJD Global Damage Restoration, we have the manpower, equipment, experience and capacity to prevent any further damage and discomfort brought about by smoke. And the sooner you contact us after the fire incident, the better and more convenient it will be for you. 

Our smoke damage restoration specialists can clean and restore the items damaged by smoke after a fire outbreak. When you contact us, we will arrive at your location as soon as possible to stop any further damages that can result from delayed restoration. The first thing we do on arrival is identifying the affected items and the odor sources. We understand that the only way to effectively remove any odors is by cleaning thoroughly. We will identify the items that can be salvaged and those that cannot, remove any ash and residue build up in the house.

Once removal of residue is complete, our professionals will clean all sources of odor using specialized detergents and necessary machinery. The whole process is very much detailed but rest assured that you will get back your home in in its virtually pre-fire condition so you can start rebuilding. We offer our Smoke Damage Restoration services in Palm Beach County, Date County and Broward County. Contact us on 1-877-554-6655 any time, 24/7 to initiate the restoration and rebuilding process.